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See what’s around, all within one click. Easily find new and interesting diving or snorkeling buddies and discover exclusive diving centers and their best diving spots to guarantee great experiences for your upcoming trips. Get useful recommendations from the right people.
From divers for divers and snorkelers.


Planning your next dive?

Without leaving the platform.
Just a few clicks.
Easy and practical.
Then this tool is just the right one for you, all together, in one app!

Stay connected

Start chatting with your favorite or new divers and share your adventures.

Have all important data at hand!

See who and what is around at one glance on your dashboard. Start a direct chat with other users in their listed languages. See which level a diver has and see how far the next diving center is. You can also add information to your profile, for example how many dives you have completed. Scan all of your brevets and have them at hand whenever you need them.


Diving center

Be able to easily communicate with the diving center of your choice, no matter if you are still at home or already on vacation. Save your favorites to be able to quickly and easily get back to them, whenever you want to.



Divers /

Be able to see all divers / snorkelers around you or in a specific spot at one glance.

Any questions?

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