Diving Center

Are you a Diving Center? Join the BHO app and discover the benefits of being inside one of the flagships community for divers across the world. Provide all of your services and enjoy the possibility of sharing the best offers for all divers.

Talk directly to the user and book all of your dives! Simple, clean and direct.

Main advantage of using BHO app as a Diving Center

Promote Events

Create events an display them on the app. This will allow the users to see if you have a special gathering, discount or events happening in a specific timeframe. Promote your business in a different way!

Smart Chating

The users can start dialog with you! This will allow a faster reply and a simple way of managing all of your request. You just cluster all your data in one platform and you can manage your costumers without loosing your way.

Special Search

With this functionality you can search for the users that are near by and also check your competitors and understand if they are having any kind of event, or even you can try to do partnership with them.

Different Icon

By being a Diving Center you will be assign a different icon on the map, this will allow the user to recognise you as a specialist center. This will enhance you from the rest of the divers and users that are using the app.

Map Location

Due to GPS location handling, you can select the correct location for the Dive Center and if you have an event out of your current spot, you can relocate your location on the map to share with the users.

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Personal Info

Create your profile on the app with all of the services you can provide and photo of your facilities. Share you contacts and website link if you have one, so that the user can have more information about you.

Diving Center/Shop Plan

Do you have a Diving Center or a Diver Shop? Become part of the emerging BHO network, offer your services and products to users across the world and bond with them in a easy and pleasant way.

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